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27/05/2015 Comments (0)
It’s a busy old day here at Brick Fanatics, but the news keeps on flowing. Following on from the discovery of a retailer DLC pack over the weekend, eagled-eyed Brick Fanatics reader Dennis Parker has discovered another DLC that will be included with the digital versions of LEGO Jurassic World ... Full article
27/05/2015 Comments (1)
With the new Summer wave of sets hitting stores it seems their instructions booklets hold a few secrets. One such set is 60097 City Square, which has an advert for a unannounced LEGO game called LEGO Worlds. Little is known about it but from the image found over on ... Full article
27/05/2015 Comments (1)
We’re celebrating all things Ultra Agents this week at Brick Fanatics Mission HQ, and as our A Look at LEGO…. Ultra Agents feature has shown the Agents have appeared before in other forms across other LEGO themes. But while the Agents today are armed with the most technological advanced ... Full article
27/05/2015 Comments (1)
This popped up on several sites and I was not going to post but seen as now mainstream news outlets are reporting it, the cat is out of the bag now! Again people can’t be patient and so-called fanboys leaked less the great images and spoil it for the ... Full article
27/05/2015 Comments (0)
Hey LEGO fans, Put your game face on and let’s battle! Last year Firestar launched a series of game console accessories for your Minifigures because let’s face it, if Toy Story has taught us anything, it’s that your Minifigures come to life when you’re away, so let’s keep them ... Full article
27/05/2015 Comments (0) has gone where no Minifigure has gone before. Bit of a Trekkie? You’ll love their Star Trek inspired Minifigures. The main crew from the latest Star Trek Films have all been tastefully recreated as Minifigures. The figures include awesome accessories such as Tricorders, spanners and Phasers (set to ... Full article
26/05/2015 Comments (2)
On June 1st the brand new range of Summer LEGO sets are released, including the new LEGO City Explorer sub-theme. This new range of playsets has the residents of LEGO City blasting off into space  and diving deep beneath the ocean. To celebrate the launch of the new LEGO ... Full article
26/05/2015 Comments (2)
Our Ultra Agents Week continues and with the brand new wave of sets due in stores soon, we head back to the start of the year when the second wave hit the UK on January 1st. These new Ultra Agents sets are just as awesome as the first wave ... Full article
26/05/2015 Comments (0)
LEGO DUPLO Farm – NOW OPEN! The new attraction at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, the LEGO DUPLO Farm is perfect for your young budding builders in a perfect environment for them to learn, build and play. At their NEW LEGO DUPLO Farm area, children can enjoy interactive play with their ... Full article
26/05/2015 Comments (0)
The flagship set from the first wave of the new Elves theme is a luscious double treehouse that looks to be crammed full of details and features. At only £39.99 it’s also surprisingly affordable too but are the pretty looks only skin deep? There can be a lot of ... Full article
The LEGO Speed Champions Rebrick Building Challenge is in full swing but there is still time ...
On June 1st the brand new range of Summer LEGO sets are released, including the new ...
With so many ace licensed sets available now, very often the original LEGO themes get overlooked. We ...