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19/12/2014 Comments 1
Series 13 goes on sale Boxing Day and if you want a full set instead of searching stores amongst the sales then visit our friends at The Minifigure Store as we have teamed up to offer our readers 15% off pre-orders from now till New Years Eve! So with ... Full article
19/12/2014 Comments 0
Here is the last HUKD update before Xmas. There is still one weekend before Xmas so chance of bagging a bargain is high as shops start looking to tempt last minute shoppers with some deals. As always the users of HUKD are great at spotting a deal and below ... Full article
18/12/2014 Comments 15
Ok we have our worse theme of the year not that I agree with it but then that is why we have a panel, majority rules. today I tasked with the panel to pick the one set then disliked and their reason why and the panel all picked a ... Full article
18/12/2014 Comments 4
Between 2008 and 2014 The LEGO Group and Japanese crowdsourcing site CUUSOO worked together to offer LEGO fans a way to upload and share their LEGO set ideas with fans around the world, who could then vote on their favourite projects. If a project hit 10,000 supporters it would ... Full article
18/12/2014 Comments 1
We’re continuing with our festive themed features with a look at the rather awesome LEGO Christmas Tree that’s on display at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Syndey, Australia. The part Duplo, part LEGO built tree is Australia’s largest LEGO® Christmas Tree and you can watch it being built in ... Full article
17/12/2014 Comments 19
Today we look at what theme failed to hit the high standard we usually come to expect from LEGO. For every theme LEGO produces, no matter how much they try the theme just does not catch the public like LEGO would want. Sometimes the theme just does not come ... Full article
17/12/2014 Comments 1
You may remember that all European launch copies of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for PlayStation 3 and PS4 contained the Batman of the Future DLC Pack. After a period of exclusivity the content pack is now available for everyone to enjoy. The pack features content inspired by the ... Full article
17/12/2014 Comments 6
The brand new third issue of Blocks Magazine is available to buy now online or you can pick up an copy in stores just before Christmas, and it filled with so much awesome stuff you may be spending excessively long amount of time on the toilet (that’s where everyone ... Full article
17/12/2014 Comments 6 have revealed that starting from tomorrow you can obtain a FREE Exclusive Christmas Tree Ornament! Simply visit your local LEGO Store from 18th to 24th December and get hold of a magical LEGO Christmas tree ornament. Only catch is you have to spend £25 or more from 18th ... Full article
17/12/2014 Comments 0
‘Tis the season to be jolly and the holiday spirit has made it’s way to LEGO Minifigures Online too. To celebrate the latest Christmas-themed update which brings Santa and the Winterland Village to the online game, the Minifigure elves have put together a super special holiday competition and Funcom are ... Full article
Here at Brick Fanatics we always try to give our readers/fans some great contests and competitions. ...
Between 2008 and 2014 The LEGO Group and Japanese crowdsourcing site CUUSOO worked ...
For many years, I have been involved in talk about The Gathering in ABQ, NM, US&A ...
After 10 successful years, the Community Engagement & Events (CEE) department has decided ...