Brick Fanatics is a website for Adult fans of LEGO (AFOL). Based in the UK the site covers LEGO News, Reviews, MOCs and more…. The site started out in 2010 when then Richard ran Bricks and Books that was a fansite for both Lego and Discworld while it gained traffic and popularity the two never really combined and the site suffered an identity crisis. The tough but right decision was made to separate the site in two based on the same principles and ideas of Bricks and Books. A new name was sought for both sites and after a lot of variations the name Brick Fanatics was chosen for the Lego site and Discworld Fanatics was selected for the Discworld site. The site continued under this name from 2011 to present day.

A brand new designed concept was then started to give both Brick Fanatics and the sister site Discworld Fanatics the same look and feel but both given a unique look.  Eventually the decision was made to just do the LEGO site as the Discworld site never took off in terms of being able to sustain regular news and features.

In July of 2012, Brick Fanatics took over Brick Badger. Brick Badger is a site that checks the prices of over a thousand Lego Products on six different regional Amazon sites regularly throughout the day. Prices are then updated in the database and displayed in a variety of ways on the Brick Badger site. This was done to replace the existing Amazon affiliate pages on the site and also to bring in money to cover the running cost of the site.

Brick Badger while part of Brick Fanatics is ran as a separate site due to the different nature of both databases the sites run off. In late 2012 the site continued to grow and was regulary receiving over 20,000 visitors each month to the site and also became part of the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN).

In early 2013 the site had to move hosts due to the growing demand for usuage, this caused a major issue when pulling our old data, our old hosts lost our database and was unable to recover any of the old data. So we launched our new look and started again from scratch. That theme is what you will see on our old website and it served us well for over 2 years but the site and demands for a more responsive theme meant the time was right to launch a new look Brick Fanatics.

In September 2015, we launched our brand new site what you see today. We took the decision to keep the old site as an archive, due to the demands of editing over 3,000 articles and reviews to look right on the new site. Brick Fanatics continues to be at the forefront of LEGO news not just in the UK but worldwide, we recieve over 10,000 visitors each day meaning we are one of the most popular LEGO sites around.