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Back To The Future (BTTF) Cuusoo Set Revealed 

BTTF Thumbnail

Tonight I finally got my very first glimpse of the DeLorean Time Machine from the upcoming and VERY much anticipated Back To The Future set. Thanks to my good friend, super spy and Birthday Girl, KT for grabbing the upcoming Store Newsletter that reveals the very first picture of the model and the all important release date………18th July!!

The shot is of the DeLorean as seen in Back To The Future Part II (and the beginning of Part III), with the hover conversion that allowed it to fly. No word yet on price, minifigures or whether the DeLorean will be customisable to make all the other versions that we see in the film trilogy.

The Back To The Future (BTTF) – DeLorean Time Machine was the fourth project approved by LEGO Cuusoo for production after reaching the crucial 10,000 vote support criteria in 2012 and then passing through LEGO Cuusoo’s rigorous review process, before being publicly announced as an upcoming set on 22nd February 2013. Since that day we have been waiting for any details about when and how much this set will cost. Now we know the When. I am still very curious about the price though.

One thing that really stands out to me is the differences between the proposed and submitted model by Team BTTF and the final LEGO product as shown in the Newsletter. Right now, the roof/windshield and the bonnet of the upcoming set actually look worse to me, when compared to the original. I have included pictures of both below. What do you think? Is this better or worse than you were expecting? Will you be buying it regardless? Let us know below.

EDIT: Thanks to Rich L for correctly pointing out that I forgot about the flying DeLorean at the end of Part I. So facepalm for me.

About the author: Chris

Hi, my name is Chris and I am addicted to LEGO. I am also rather fond of Movies, Books, Video Games, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Comics. Any of these things get 100% better when combined with LEGO. I am currently loving the Marvel & DC Super Heroes sets, plus anything that is Lord Of The Rings or Monster Fighters. I have a head full of MOC ideas and not enough time (or bricks) to make them all. I live near Leeds and am a proud member of the Brickshire LUG.

  • brickcluster

    Personally, the roof doesn’t bother me, it’s the bonnet that does. It just looks too blocky. I assume it’s because the original bonnet was quite a big piece and might have made the price more expensive. I would have bought it regardless of the price if the bonnet stayed the same. now i’m not so sure. I think this is the one problem with lego cuusoo. people support a set for what it looks like when they first see it and expect it to look the same in the final product.

    • Chris

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there. The other week I went back and looked at the original Minecraft submission. I couldn’t believe the difference. The released set was nothing like the one that everyone voted for.

      Every time I look at that picture I just think about how I’m going to have to ‘fix’ it myself when I buy it. I too would have bought this set whatever the price. Now…not too sure.

  • Matt

    Scoop! Good job peeps.

  • Mark

    The angle of the roof does seem a little odd, considering that a delorean has gullwing doors.

    A 2×8 flat piece will just stick straight on for the bonnet, or a 4×8 if available.

    Doesn’t look like the doors open either, no minifigures perhaps?

    Also, what is that above about Star Wars and get tickets for your local store?

    • Chris

      It’s for LEGO Club Members only and has a headline of May The Force Be With You!
      “Meet other LEGO Star Wars fans and master building challenges together! Get your tickets for the LEGO Star Wars themed LEGO Club meeting at your local LEGO store now!”

      • Mark

        I’m a LEGO Club member, lol, used to be years ago as well, might have to find my old school badges.

  • ay.sea

    I’m not overly impressed with the final thing shown in that image either. I love Back To The Future, so will probably get this at some point, but the orignal design submitted was definately better. That bonnet just looks hideous.

  • Bumblepants

    I always try to give the Lego designers the benefit of the doubt but wow, this is a turd. When those wheels are vertical it will be a 10 studs wide while the top is 4 studs wide. No thanks.

  • Ferg Ferguson

    Yikes! What have they done to it?! The original looks much cleaner and far less fussy.

  • Petros Bleyan

    A bit too much detail. LEGO should keep it simple

  • Steve Newman

    looks like rubbish, id much prefer to spend my cash on a UCS moc of instead of this pile of bricks. wtf lego the original was so much cleaner.

  • kritch

    yeh, I much prefer the original Cussoo version, maybe the minifigures (if there is any) will make it worth buying, but at the momment I’m not that interested

  • Richard

    Right back off my Holidays and while it looks different until I see the official photos and press release I will wait till then to hang the designers out to dry like others have.

  • Doc Brown

    Great Scott!! It’s amazing how much you love my Delorean Time Machine in the year 2013.

    p.s. Hoverboards really are released in 2015 😉

    On a serious note, I agree regarding the bonnet. The rest of the model looks great, and it’s nice to see huge comebacks recently with the best trilogy of all time. I only wish Universal Studios would realise the error of their ways and get a new BTTF ride in there for 2015!