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LSD Castle

Richard has asked us to feature more amazing MOC’s on the amazing site so my first point of call was the Brick Fanatics flickr group and straight away this ...Full Article

Erebor – The Kingdom under the Mountain MOC

With the brand new LEGO The Hobbit videogame being released this week, we’re keeping the Middle-earth theme going with this weeks featured MOC. If you’re read J.R.R Tolkien’s fantastic ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #16

After watching Frozen and Tangled this week, I’m become a little obsessed with Disney Princesses, no I’ve not purchased a Cinderella dress or started singing to woodland creature (not ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #15

After the buzz of yesterday regarding the Simpsons. Today has so far been rather quiet so it gives me opportunity to feature some of the amazing MOCs you can ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #14

This weeks Flickr pick just happens to connect with Mixels months and has been done by Yatkuu who is rather good at creating MOCS as well all know (aka ...Full Article

Celebrate MAR10 Day with a LEGO Mario MOC

Here we go – it’s March 10th, which means it’s Mario Day and what better way to celebrate than by marveling in this impressive brick built Mario. The model ...Full Article

LEGO Pancake Machine

We always like to link special events and LEGO here at Brick Fanatics, but we must admit we were a little stumped on how we could combine the magic ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #13

For this weeks Flickr MOC pick we look towards a favourite LEGO MOC master builder of mine –  Mr Nick Sweetman. His latest build entitled ‘The Evening Before Battle’ ...Full Article

Durham Cathedral in LEGO

July 2013 saw the beginning of an exciting and ambitious new project to recreate Durham Cathedral in LEGO bricks. The venture aims to raise funds for Open Treasure, a ...Full Article

Flickr MOC’s pick of the week #12

For this weeks Flickr MOC pick I have looked into our group and selected one that takes me back to my childhood. For me LEGO in the later 80′s ...Full Article

Modular Row Project #3 – RNLI Modular

Another update from my project. At moment I am 90 pieces short of starting the Cafe Corner bricklink project, in mean time the 2nd floor of my RNLI Modular ...Full Article

Ghostbusters HQ/Firehouse LDD File

Brent Waller‘s LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set is due to hit stores soon as we saw from last weekends Cuusoo announcement and while we was all drooling over the awesome car ...Full Article

Flickr MOC’s pick of the week #11

We have a very special MOC of the week pick. This week comes from the ever awesome OliveSeon and his team of builders. We have featured there work before, they ...Full Article

Happy Valentines Day

Not only does the awesome LEGO Movie open today in the UK (If you have not seen it what are you waiting for?) but it is also Valentines day, ...Full Article

Flickr MOC’s pick of the week #10

It’s back after a very long break our Flickr pick of the week has returned. I’m not making any promises but will try and feature a MOC a week ...Full Article

Modular Row Project #2 – RNLI Modular

Following on from the first post of the new project, progress has been pretty fast on the next building. This was help that I had the majority of elements ...Full Article

Modular Row Project

So I recently mention that my planned city project had been scrapped due to various reasons (you can read full details here). However I still enjoy building modulars and ...Full Article

Technic Skid Steer MOC

Just before Christmas we were emailed by Technic MOC builder Jennifer Clark, who along with Eric Albrecht has created a fully working Technic Skid Steer model that’s based on the ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – The end

Yes the title is right. For the best part of 2 years I’ve had grand visions of building a large scale city plan and despite a few re-designs it ...Full Article

13-foot LDD Super Star Destroyer

Firstly I am usually not one to talk about LDD MOC’s but sometimes there is an exception to the rule and this is one of those times. I am ...Full Article
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