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MOC Pick #48 – BlueWater Castle

This week’s MOC pick comes from César Soares who has created a wonderful BlueWater Castle. César went into plenty of detail over on his flickr page and though he ...Full Article

MOC Pick #47 – Teslatown

This weeks MOC is by Rod Gillies and his Teslatown creation. This was his showbuild for Brick2014, the big LEGO show in London last year and his biggest build ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #46

It’s been a while since we did a pick of the week due to not having time in the Schedule to get an article in. We have a ton ...Full Article

MOCing the Mini

I am not a hardcore MOC’er in the real sense. I haven’t got thousands of sets to choose from or an abundance of pieces either. There are other things ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #45

This Thursday was the Chinese New Year and to help celebrate it, Rich picked a Throwback Thursday set with a little Oriental spice (HERE). For my part, I have ...Full Article

Let’s MOC: Fett’s Gear Part 2

In the previous entry (HERE), I decided to see if I could improve upon the single-mould jet pack that came with in the UCS Slave I. I got just ...Full Article

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I am very pleased to be able to share with you my latest MOC and one that has not only been a passion-project for some time, but also a ...Full Article

LEGO Flybe Q400 by Bright Bricks

Seems we are featuring the awesome team at Bright Bricks a lot of late. Last week the team finished off their Flybe Q400 at Southampton Airport. The final model ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #44

For this week’s MOC of the Week, I did my regular dip into the Brick Fanatics Flickr group and was immediately struck by the work of Aaron Fiskum, who ...Full Article

Modular Project #5

Now I’ve revealed my Naval HQ modular, it’s time to tell you about my plans for my Modular City. I’ve recently moved to my attic so have loads of ...Full Article

Let’s MOC: Fett’s Gear Part 1

If you read my review of the UCS Slave I then you’ll know that while the Boba Fett minifigure is easily the best yet, there was one attribute that ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #43

Here at Brick Fanatics, we are celebrating the launch of the new Ninjago Magazine launch and as such, we are having a Ninjago-themed week. So for this week’s MOC ...Full Article

Modular Project #4

Finally I’ve finish my new modular building MOC. The last update was 11 months ago and at that time progress was going great. Then the project got put on ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #42

For this week’s MOC of the Week, I dipped into the Brick Fanatics group on Flickr and there was a single MOC that totally leaped right off the screen ...Full Article

Do you wanna build a Minion?

Yatkuu has been at it again, this time he has built some very cute and cool Minions. With rumors building of a possible Minions theme later in the year, ...Full Article

Je Suis Charlie

No words needed. Picture courtesy of 6kyubi6Full Article

Project Plans for 2015

Thought it would be prudent of me to tell you of my plans for 2015. For sometime I’ve done two features on here, MOC Project, which was first Leg ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #41

Happy New Year to all our readers! For my first MOC pick of the week for 2015, I have dipped into the Brick Fanatics Flickr stream and plucked out ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #40

We are in that strange lull between Christmas and New Year, where we have all (hopefully) overindulged and are waiting for the next big blowout & day off work ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #39

Chris is still enjoying a Xmas break in Florida (booo!) and it finally gave me chance to pick a MOC from Flickr. This week I have picked one from ...Full Article
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