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Pimp my…… LEGO Mini Cooper

I love the large exclusive LEGO cars (VW Camper Van, Mini Cooper and the new Ferrari F40) and I also love seeing what others do with the basic set. ...Full Article

MOC Pick #63 M-Throne Army

Now then, this is something very different from what I usually pick but by god it’s equally as impressive as our usualy MOC features. Behold the 2015 M-Throne army ...Full Article

Analyzing the LEGO Fanbase

Gooood morning LEGO fans, as it’s the weekend there isn’t much news usually (There are poor quality photos of the next series of CMFs doing the rounds but as ...Full Article

LEGO Plutopalooza

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has crossed the a vast ocean of space to the very frontier of our solar system and has begun the mission’s primary objective: explore Pluto ...Full Article

LEGO Eiffel Tower by Sean Kenney

Now for a long time I wasn’t a big fan of LEGO Architecture but that has recently changed as I look at models that display in moy office rather ...Full Article

MOC Pick #62 – The Sleeping Beauty Castle

A quiet news day so time to bring you a fab MOC based on the iconic Disney Castle that you see at the theme parks. Stephle59 on Flickr has ...Full Article

LEGO Comic Covers

With SDCC happening this week, here are some of the classic comics that we have come to know and love recreated with LEGO! No doubt it’s going to be ...Full Article

MOC Pick #61 – Inside Out

It’s been too sunny to be in front of the PC lately, but I’ve managed to grab 5 minutes on my wife’s laptop in the garden to bring you ...Full Article

LEGO in the real world

We are always looking for new wacky and wonderful snaps to add to the BF album for shots of LEGO used in unusual circumstances or just a leftfield view ...Full Article

For the Star Wars Dads

Father’s Day is upon us, but it doesn’t usually get the level of attention on the fuss-o-meter as Mother’s Day does. The florists and chocolatiers are quiet during this ...Full Article

Happy Fathers Day

Here in the UK it’s Fathers Day and I’m celebrating with my daughter this morning by doing a 1 mile race with her, then off for a day of ...Full Article

MOC Pick #60 – WALL-E Logo

Flickr users Miro Dudas has created this rather wonderful LEGO version of the WALL-E logo after pictures of the pending LEGO Ideas set surfaced last weekend. Needless to say ...Full Article

Forgotten Something?

We’ve all had that moment after we’ve left the house and are well on our way in the car when we question if we unplugged the curling iron, turned ...Full Article

LEGO lunch atop a Skyscraper

Lunch atop a Skyscraper (New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam) is a famous black-and-white photograph taken during construction of the RCA Building at 30 Rockefeller Center in ...Full Article

Summer’s Here – Jump In!

After a rubbish weekend of weather, it should be a good week for sun lovers here in the UK. To start off another week of LEGO mayhem here at ...Full Article

MOC Pick #59 – Tinman X The Avengers

Titan Creations, the team behind the epic Millennium Falcon Interior, are back with another selection of amazingly creative builds. The Singapore-based MOC team, have fused the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with ...Full Article

Sir Christopher Lee 1922-2015

Nothing on earth stays forever, but none of your deeds were in vain. Deep in our hearts you will live again, you’re gone to the home of the brave. ...Full Article

You’re not you when you’re hungry

InkBlotPhoto are awesome and doing little pieces of “art” with LEGO and first one I’ve picked is one of my personal favs. Taking inspiration from the UK Snickers advert ...Full Article

Epic LEGO Wedding Cake

There are cakes, then there is this awesome wedding cake creation by Cupcakes by SJ, the company is based in the UK in London near Charing Cross. It was ...Full Article

MOC Pick #58 – LEGO Cesar

Now this is from a few years ago but when Rich asked me to find a MOC I loved this ticked every box. I like real life made into ...Full Article
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