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Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #39

Chris is still enjoying a Xmas break in Florida (booo!) and it finally gave me chance to pick a MOC from Flickr. This week I have picked one from ...Full Article

CUUSOO & Bricklink launch CUUSOO BRICK

Between 2008 and 2014 The LEGO Group and Japanese crowdsourcing site CUUSOO worked together to offer LEGO fans a way to upload and share their LEGO set ideas with ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #38

With the festive spirit sweeping over the UK right now, I thought that for this week’s MOC of the Week, I would choose something a little….different. So for all ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #37

With December 1st nearly upon us, I have decided to go with a Christmas-themed MOC of the Week. But before I get into that, I’d like to take a ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #36

Tomorrow morning sees the UK release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-ray and DVD, so to celebrate that, I have chosen a related build as the latest ...Full Article

Brick the Internet

Now unless you have lived under a rock last week, you will have seen both in the national tabloids and on the new the latest photos of Kim Kardashian titled ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #35

To celebrate the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (it’s amazing by the way!), this week’s MOC of the Week is a spectacular Batman-themed MOC that is simply ...Full Article

LEGO Particle Accelerator

These days I leave our MOC articles to our resident MOC guru Chris but when this appeared on my Flickr stream I just had to give it a feature. ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #34

With today being Remembrance Sunday, we here at Brick Fanatics wanted to show our support for UK and Allied Armed Forces, both past and present, with a few different ...Full Article

Halloween MOC – “I want to play a game”

With today being Halloween, we wanted to bring you something a little darker than the usual MOCs that we feature here at Brick Fanatics. With that in mind, I ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #33

LEGO news is slow today, so slow in fact there isn’t any but now I’ve said that LEGO will announce the next Ideas set or something, but until that ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #32

This week, I’m choosing two MOCs to showcase because I cannot choose between them. Fortunately, they are both by the same builder; Steebles A.K.A. John Stephens. So for your ...Full Article

LEGO Serenity 1/450th MOC

Lego (small- approximately 1/450th scale) Serenity from the TV series “Firefly” and the movie “Serenity” One day I will finish my 440mm long Lego model of Serenity; but until ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #31

It’s been a while since I’ve personally featured a MOC, juggling two jobs, a website and running means time is precious so before I get going if anyone wants ...Full Article

The Great Brickish Bake Off

It’s the final of the Great British Bake Off tonight, so to celebrate we though we’ve go in search of some cake-themed LEGO creations, but we stumbled upon something ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #30

For MOC of the Week, I’ve got something really special for you; even more so if you are like me and was an active gamer during the ‘Dawn of ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #29

For the latest Moc Of The Week, I have chosen a deceptively simple, but very effective creation by Flickr user LEGOJalex. This fantastic rendition of the lazy, Lasagne-loving Garfield ...Full Article

Flickr MOC Pick of the Week #28

This week, it is my great pleasure to bring you something truly epic. Not just in size but also in ambition. If you saw my recent coverage of the ...Full Article

Become Legend with Destiny-inspired Minifigs

With the gaming world gripped with Destiny fever, we thought it was only fitting that we should feature these cool Destiny-inspired custom minifigures created by Exxtrooper. The three custom minifigures are ...Full Article

SDCC Classic Batmobile Build Instructions

Here’s a nice little Bank Holiday Weekend treat for you courtesy of BrickTsar and neoape, it’s the parts list and build instructions for the Classic TV Series Batmobile, which was only ...Full Article
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