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New Products

New Minifigure Display Case Discovered

During a Sunday morning trip around the internet, we stumbled upon a new official LEGO Minifigures Display Case. Better still is actually holds a full series of 16 minifigures ...Full Article

Fun New LEGO Sets Uncovered on Brickset

Brickset have posted images of a few new LEGO sets found by Brickset user Anachir while on the LEGO Inside Tour in Billund. There are four new sets found ...Full Article

Two New LEGO City Exploration Sets Revealed

The Brick Show has reviewed a number of upcoming LEGO sets and within the those video reviews are two previously unknown sets. The sets in question are part of ...Full Article

More LEGO Dimension Pack Images

Following on from last night’s late news regarding more Level, Fun and Team packs. More instructions have been found on the LEGO server and I think the classic football ...Full Article

Exclusive Reveal: DK Books Ninjago Minifigure

DK Books has asked us to reveal the exclusive new Ninjago minifigure which is included with copies of the brand new LEGO Ninjago: The Secret World of the Ninja ...Full Article

LEGO Ferris Wheel Box Image

We have another “leaked” image of the next LEGO exclusive set, Instagram user andrilinardi has somehow obtained the new set and taken a picture and shared it with the ...Full Article

Limited Edition VIP Bat-Pod

Following on from the Ferris Wheel leak, the June 2015 LEGO Store Calendar has revealed even more. AC Pin has posted over on his Flickr (thanks to Brick Fan ...Full Article

First Look at LEGO Fairground Ferris Wheel

The first image of the LEGO Fairground Ferris Wheel has been discovered via a Facebook group called AFOLs of FaceBook. First posted over on The Brick Fan, the set ...Full Article

Summer 2015: Creator, Duplo & Technic Images

The final few official packaging shots of upcoming summer sets are here thanks to online retailer BrincaLandia. Those of interest are included below with the Creator range continuing to ...Full Article

Summer 2015: City & Ultra Agents Pack Shots

With the summer range of sets, the residents of LEGO City have decided to head out exploring. Some are heading off to space while others have chosen to dive deep ...Full Article

Summer 2015: LEGO Elves & Friends Pack Shots

Along with the official box art images of the new summer 2015 Marvel Super Heroes, DC Comics Super Heroes, LEGO Star Wars and Ninjago sets, European online retailer BrincaLandia has ...Full Article

Summer 2015: LEGO Star Wars Pack Shots

We continue to take a look at the various summer 2015 official packaging shots uploaded by European online retailer BrincaLandia. We’ve already taken a look at the upcoming LEGO ...Full Article

Summer 2015: Ninjago & Airjitzu Pack Shots

Who’s up for some more official packaging shots of upcoming summer 2015 sets? After the Marvel and DC Comics Super Heroes from earlier on, we now have the summer 2015 ...Full Article

Summer 2015: LEGO Super Heroes Pack Shots

It’s time for a fair few packaging shots of some of the upcoming summer 2015 sets thanks to European online retailer BrincaLandia, who has uploaded a number of images ...Full Article

LEGO Mixels Series 5 & 6 Packet Images

Following on from the Mixels series 5 reveal we now have more images. This time we have all the packet images from both series 5 and series 6!!! The ...Full Article

Mixels Series 5 Images

Brickset have posted images of the next series of Mixels. The next series is due in June so it’s most likely these will be available in stores around the ...Full Article supports Diabetes UK have created a range of custom minifigures parts to support the charity, Diabetes UK. Their new range of branded minifigure torsos and legs feature the Diabetes UK branding ...Full Article

Star Wars Celebration Tatooine Set Images

For those of you who aren’t currently glued to the Star Wars Celebration live stream, we have the first official images of the Celebration Exclusive Tatooine Mini-build set available ...Full Article

Two more Star Wars buildable figs revealed

With Star Wars Celebration nearly upon us, LEGO have revealed two more of the LEGO Star Wars buildable construction figures, via the Wall Street Journal. They have revealed images ...Full Article

Introducing BRiCKS CULTURE Magazine

As we mentioned yesterday two brand new LEGO-inspired magazines have hit the market. Today we take a closer look at BRiCKS CULTURE, which is a lavish new brand for all adults ...Full Article
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