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Modular Row Project #3 – RNLI Modular

Another update from my project. At moment I am 90 pieces short of starting the Cafe Corner bricklink project, in mean time the 2nd floor of my RNLI Modular ...Full Article

Modular Row Project #2 – RNLI Modular

Following on from the first post of the new project, progress has been pretty fast on the next building. This was help that I had the majority of elements ...Full Article

Modular Row Project

So I recently mention that my planned city project had been scrapped due to various reasons (you can read full details here). However I still enjoy building modulars and ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – The end

Yes the title is right. For the best part of 2 years I’ve had grand visions of building a large scale city plan and despite a few re-designs it ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Big Update

The other week I brought you all up to speed with my CIty Project. Since then things have really snowballed. The latest section of the marina is built, this ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – September Update

As the norm at weekends news is a bit quiet, which is good as most weekends for myself are usually filled with running. This weekend has been spent recovering ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Marina Section 2

The last order arrived this morning and with it the completion of section 2 of the Marina. This is a major section that spans 2 32×32 blue baseplates.  Now ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Marina Section 1

So after I posted about Chilis in the middle of last month, I have been on holiday and then last week placed another half dozen Bricklink orders to completed the ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Chilis

Last week  I brought you up to speed with my on going (so what drawn out) city project. I showed you LDD images of progress so far. Well today ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – June Update

For the last year or so I have been planning, building, destroying and re-building my grand plan of having a large scale LEGO City layout called Leg Godt City ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Road Section

So a few weeks back I explained my new direction of my city project and how I was designing a brick built road using the SNOT Technique well the ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – SNOT Roads

Since the site relaunch I did a article bringing you all up to date with my City project plans. However since that post things have taken a dramatic twist. ...Full Article

Leg Godt City

The idea is to have a large scale LEGO City we are talking over 6 foot by 10 foot, if not bigger. Originally when I started this last year ...Full Article