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Modular Project #5

Now I’ve revealed my Naval HQ modular, it’s time to tell you about my plans for my Modular City. I’ve recently moved to my attic so have loads of ...Full Article

Modular Project #4

Finally I’ve finish my new modular building MOC. The last update was 11 months ago and at that time progress was going great. Then the project got put on ...Full Article

Project Plans for 2015

Thought it would be prudent of me to tell you of my plans for 2015. For sometime I’ve done two features on here, MOC Project, which was first Leg ...Full Article

Modular Project #3

Another update from my project. At moment I am 90 pieces short of starting the Cafe Corner bricklink project, in mean time the 2nd floor of my RNLI Modular ...Full Article

Modular Project #2

Following on from the first post of the new project, progress has been pretty fast on the next building. This was help that I had the majority of elements ...Full Article

Modular Project

So I recently mention that my planned city project had been scrapped due to various reasons (you can read full details here). However I still enjoy building modulars and ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – The end

Yes the title is right. For the best part of 2 years I’ve had grand visions of building a large scale city plan and despite a few re-designs it ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Big Update

The other week I brought you all up to speed with my CIty Project. Since then things have really snowballed. The latest section of the marina is built, this ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – September Update

As the norm at weekends news is a bit quiet, which is good as most weekends for myself are usually filled with running. This weekend has been spent recovering ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Marina Section 2

The last order arrived this morning and with it the completion of section 2 of the Marina. This is a major section that spans 2 32×32 blue baseplates.  Now ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Marina Section 1

So after I posted about Chilis in the middle of last month, I have been on holiday and then last week placed another half dozen Bricklink orders to completed the ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Chilis

Last week  I brought you up to speed with my on going (so what drawn out) city project. I showed you LDD images of progress so far. Well today ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – June Update

For the last year or so I have been planning, building, destroying and re-building my grand plan of having a large scale LEGO City layout called Leg Godt City ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – Road Section

So a few weeks back I explained my new direction of my city project and how I was designing a brick built road using the SNOT Technique well the ...Full Article

Leg Godt City – SNOT Roads

Since the site relaunch I did a article bringing you all up to date with my City project plans. However since that post things have taken a dramatic twist. ...Full Article

Leg Godt City

The idea is to have a large scale LEGO City we are talking over 6 foot by 10 foot, if not bigger. Originally when I started this last year ...Full Article