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Flickr MOC’s pick of the week #2 

Rich is on holiday this week so he has given me the honour of choosing the second batch of MOCs from the Brick Fanatics Flickr group to be featured in this new weekly article.
So without further ado, here is a selection of MOCs that caught my eye.

Robot – Walking

Robot - Walking

This great looking robot from Jeffery Heuer has a really wonderful retro Sci-Fi feel to it. It instantly makes me think of 1950s Science Fiction films like Forbidden Planet and the old Flash Gordon T.V. show. Great touches like the cylindrical head with blue ‘brain’ and the pistons on the legs really paint a vivid picture in my mind and I can just imagine it clunking and whirring as it goes about its creator’s business.

Seeking the Ultimate Weapon

Seeking the ultimate weapon

For the second week running, Captainsmog makes it into our list of great MOCs. This piece is just stunning, with amazing detail used to create a believable treasure room. The description for this picture just takes it to the next level though, with a fantastic gag at the end.

“When he entered the treasure room, Belkish paid no attention to the incredible wealth in front of him. He had eyes only for the ultimate weapon that sat at the other end of the room. He had sought the artifact for many years. He had slain hundreds of enemies to reach this place… But at the sight of it, he could not help feeling a slight disappointment”

Master Yoda

Master Yoda

Not every great MOC needs to be huge with an enormous piece count and this mini version of everyone’s favourite green Jedi Master is proof of that. Created by Kazumi and Omar Ovalle, this simple yet elegant build is a fantastic little representation of Yoda and his Dagobah environment.

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman

Now here is an example of a MOC that IS huge and does have an enormous piece count. Sebeus’s Flying Dutchman from the Pirates Of The Caribbean films is an astonishingly detailed recreation of Davy Jones’ ship and contains a wealth of detail that really elevates this above other Flying Dutchmans that I have seen. Sebeus has this on Cuusoo right now and it is currently at 2099 supporters. I encourage you to go take a look at the Cuusoo page to see more pictures and to get a breakdown of the detail that is in this MOC.

H.U.L.K. Exo Suit

H.U.L.K. Exo Suit

My final pick for this week is Ilya Tushnev’s amazing piloted mech. This is hands-down the best looking mech I have ever seen. Everywhere you look there is amazing detail greebling. The white pilot in the open cockpit and the skater helmet on the chest are both really nice touches. My favourite part of this MOC is the minifigure legs that are used as fingers. I would LOVE to build this model. I would buy this model. What more can I say?
If you have a MOC that you would like to see featured, the only way is to get it on our Flickr group.

About the author: Chris

Hi, my name is Chris and I am addicted to LEGO. I am also rather fond of Movies, Books, Video Games, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Comics. Any of these things get 100% better when combined with LEGO. I am currently loving the Marvel & DC Super Heroes sets, plus anything that is Lord Of The Rings or Monster Fighters. I have a head full of MOC ideas and not enough time (or bricks) to make them all. I live near Leeds and am a proud member of the Brickshire LUG.

  • Mark

    Some very impressive models there.

  • Ferg Ferguson

    Love the flying dutchman and the exo-suit (though would love to see a little more colour to pimp it up more). Both would be awesome sitting on a shelf at home!

  • Omar Ovalle

    Many thanks for the review and the support.
    This month at the end of July I’ll have the opportunity to visit UK for the very first time :)

  • Chris

    Hi Omar! You are most welcome. Your Yoda brings me a lot of joy and always makes me smile!
    If you are coming to see us in the UK then be sure to bring a good mix of clothes! You will be as likely to find heavy rain as you are sunshine!