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I found Mr. Gold!!!!! 

mrgold found

So I have been a very vocal person of late regarding Mr.Gold due to the fact the chances of those who really wanted him for their collection like myself was very unlikely, unless we parted with some serious cash. I have not bought any of the latest Series from a store as a friend of mine bought a box and gave me a full set. I have been randomly searching boxes in shops.

I have been limiting myself to boxes that have just been put out as I know the chances of someone else searching the boxes are very high. Today we nipped up to the local Tesco in Penistone as our iron had packed up on my wife and while my wife was looking I took my daughter down the toy isle. While she was looking at Moshi Monster stuff I saw a brand new box that had not been touched so I thought what the heck. I took them out a row at a time, felt the packet carefully and then place them back in, halfway through I said to my wife the chances of getting one in Penistone of all the places in the world are slim to none.

I continued anyway and on the last row with only 5 packets to search I came across what felt like a hat, I felt it again for the rim of the hat and then I felt the staff and was as sure as I could be it was him, I got my wife to feel it to double check and then I raced to the checkouts to purchase it.

My wife decided she would be the one to open it, just incase it wasn’t and she opened it and screamed with joy. It was Mr. Gold !! number 2705 of 5000. I have logged the find on and I have found the 809th Mr.Gold.

The good news is it is not getting sold on flea bay or any other auction site. It is now sat in it’s clear bag and is the prize of my collection. :-)

About the author: Richard

The name is Richard Hayes and I’m a 33 year old from North Sheffield and founder of Brick Fanatics, I’ve been a LEGO fan since my youth but I did have a number of dark years but since coming out of my dark age I have become very active on the LEGO scene. I am also the LEGO Ambassador for the website. I was a founder of Brickshire LUG and in the past been a member of Brickish. By day I work for LEGO as a Digital Planner.

  • SilentMode

    Nice one, and congratulations!

    • Richard

      Cheers Silentmode

  • Allen Tran

    Congratulations Richard! Must be exciting to find one of those little guys. As an AFOL, I’m jealous haha.

    • Richard

      Cheers buddy :-)

      I am still on cloud nine 😎

  • 99legojoe

    Wahey!!! Congratulations!!! Honestly i am pretty rubbish at feeling the packets so i’ll stick to the bump codes. I think if i found him i would sell him. But any way nice one

    • Richard

      I am a collector, without him my collection is incomplete. As an AFOL don’t see the need to sell.

  • Ferg Ferguson

    Good work! A well deserved find!!

  • Ash

    Amazing! Congratulations Rich! Glad someone who will appreciate it found it.

    • Richard

      Cheers buddy, it’s still in the packet as don’t want to open it

      • Ash

        Don’t suppose you want to pick next weeks lotto numbers for me?

        • Richard

          Err could do with picking them after the week I’ve had :-)

  • paperballpark

    Congratulations! Glad it was found by someone who intends to keep it!

  • Mark

    Well done.

    At least your collecting OCD can sleep well for a while. :).

    • Richard

      Haha I think my OCD is restrained compared to most AFOL’s, I control the urge to own every SW set for starters hahaha 😉

  • Minifigures

    Congratulations! I get too embarrassed to feel the bags lol

    • Chris

      Yeah, I know what you mean! I’m like it too. If I think some staff member is watching me, I get embarrassed and move on. That’s why we don’t have a Mr Gold ; ) lol

    • Richard

      I gave up caring what people thought years ago, if they don’t like it they can jog on :-)

      If not I would never have gotten it

  • Chris

    Amazing result mate and VERY well deserved. From the start you’ve wanted this minifigure for what it is and not what it is worth.
    I’ve been grinning all afternoon since you told me.

    • Richard

      You have, after the week I am having I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • Tapisbis

    Congratulations, although it still bothers me a little that we have to be there at the opening of a box to get a chance at getting him (and then half the time someone else beats you to rifling through the packs). I’m almost at the point where I’d prefer it if they came in boxes or some form of hard case and it was truly random. Most of the time someone else has been through and all that’s left are paint ballers and baseball players.

    • Richard

      I think it was pure luck that I was there at the time on a Saturday afternoon, it is a rural store. I think my luck is in at the moment :-)

  • Mark

    They should really have put the paper bit in the pack and then you enter your address and code online or at an official LEGO store and it’s sent to you.

    That way it could be randomly in a pack with any figure and with the paper next to the included, folded paper, you couldn’t feel for it.

  • Huw Millington

    Congratulations Rich, who’d have thought, in Penistone of all places :)

    • Richard

      Cheers Huw, I know I said as much when feeling for it, still got a massive smile on my face.

  • Dyl Cook

    Nice work sir! Glad you’re not selling him. Does he come with a gold plinth to stand on?

    • Richard

      No it comes with a standard black stand.

  • Beximus

    Well done. Glad to see them being found by collectors who want to keep him and not sell.

    The Mr. Gold promotion has seen me spend a lot more time standing in shops feeling through boxes of bags but with no luck, and only slight self-consciousness but it’s not going to stop me!

    • Chris

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I did two boxes yesterday when I was in town. I’ve become an expert at recognising the other characters which would be great if I needed any of them! At least it helps me quickly establish when a pack is NOT Mr Gold.

  • Kenneth34475

    Wow. Your lucky. I’ve always wanted Mr.Gold