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LEGO Chima Magazine Out NOW! 

Thanks to both Adam and Tristan who emailed in a photo of the new LEGO Legends of Chima magazine that has been found out in the wild this morning. It is in WHSmiths and other major sellers of magazines for £3.25 and comes with a limited edition Ewar polybag. This looks like being the first in a series of Chima magazines as in the bottom right it states “issue 1  6th Nov – 3rd Dec”. This means a second magazine should be out before Christmas.

We will have further details later in the day. As Adam as picked up a copy and will fill us in on it’s contents.

Here is the magazine:

About the author: Richard

The name is Richard Hayes and I’m a 32 year old from North Sheffield and founder of Brick Fanatics, I’ve been a LEGO fan since my youth but I did have a number of dark years but since coming out of my dark age I have become very active on the LEGO scene. I am also the LEGO Ambassador for the website. I am not your typical AFOL as I am picky about what sets I buy plus I prefer to build and design my own stuff. In past I have been a LUG Showcase coordinator and also one of the founders of the Brickshire LUG.

  • Adam

    Yep checked with supplier its a regular magazine now

  • Richard

    They (LEGO) are covering all angles with this theme!

  • Ash

    Well off to the newsagents I guess. Will go well with my Craggers Ship that arrived today!

  • vicky

    I tried emailing to enter competitions on back page and had a delivery failure notice for both any ideas?

    • Richard

      Afraid not what is the email and can find out for you