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LEGO Hobbit Videogame to get There & Back Again DLC 


As briefly mentioned in yesterdays mammoth London Toy Fair report the upcoming LEGO videogame based on The Hobbit films and LEGO toy line will be getting some fairly hefty DLC later in the year. LEGO The Hobbit videogame was revealed just before Christmas with an expected release date of April, oddly it will only focus on events and characters from the first two Hobbit films – An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug. The third film in the trilogy – There and Back Again will be released this Christmas. The DLC revealed at the Toy Fair is expected to become available around the time of the third film and is expected to conclude the adventure by adding additional playable content focused on the final film.

This is fairly new territory for TT Games and the LEGO Videogames on a whole, although recent title have received weapons, spells and character DLC packs, addition of story element hasn’t been done before. Traditionally TT Games always release a LEGO title during the holiday season, however this year both The LEGO Movie Videogame and LEGO The Hobbit Videogame will both have launched before the Summer. So if will this DLC be in place of a full LEGO Videogame for Christmas or is there an unknown LEGO Videogame from TT Games still to be announced?

LEGO The Hobbit Videogame will launch across all major platforms this Spring. You can pre-order a copy today from Amazon be clicking these links – PlayStation 3PlayStation 4PlayStation VitaXbox 360Xbox OnePC DVDWii UNintendo 3DS

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About the author: Adam

Hi I'm Adam, chief editor here at the good ship Brick Fanatics. I've been a fan of gaming and LEGO for many years. So you can imagine my delight when the two joined forces. First LEGO set I ever owned was the LEGO King's Castle. I'm a freelance Feature Writer.

  • Richard

    Sounds good, I bet you are looking forward to playing it?

    • Adam

      I am actually, LOTR was hated by a fair few people but I really enjoyed it.

      • Niktendo

        I enjoyed LOTR, but I prefer the other more games. The open world is LOTR was a bit dull and I wasn’t compelled to go round and find everything.

  • Doomlurker

    Surely it would have been just as easy to wait until fall/winter to release it? Now it just seems like they want more money because we’ll pay for the game and then extra for the DLC.

    • Adam

      Exactly seems very daft my only reasoning about it is LEGO are keeping the ‘holiday’ release window open for the Minifigures Online game. But Warner release so few games I’m sure extra money charged for the DLC is certainly a factor.

      • Marshall Waha

        Could you explain to me what DLC stands for? Thats the only thing I am confused about. So in other words there is going to be a separate LEGO game for the final hobbit movie? I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.

        • Adam

          Hi matey DLC stands for Downloadable Content (or if your Nintendo who like to be different AOC which is Add on content) in other words stuff that can be downloaded via a code or purchased from PlayStation Store, Live or Steam etc. Doubt there will be a serperate game for final Hobbit content, but wouldn’t put it pass WB Games to re-release the game will content included for those who haven’t played it then make it available to download for everyone else

          • Marshall Waha

            Oh so in other words there will be downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop for The Hobbit 3DS video game when the final movie is released? So would send a bug fix/update for those who have the physical copy?

  • Adam

    The DLC hasn’t officially been announced for any platform but considering the Wii U’s poor performance and WB Games pulling DLC from their other titles I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • biguchiha

    Hope this dlc will be or update or free because if they’re looking foward to gain more money putting story dlc in they games is gonna be a shot in the dark

  • Adam

    WB Games haven’t officially announced the DLC or platforms but its safe to assume it will appear on all platforms the game has, with exception of handhelds. Also article was written before the final film changed name

  • David Sc

    Adam, do you know the DLC (for the third movie of The Hobbit) release date?

  • Mat Rig

    Hi does someone know when the 3 part will be available for download ???

    • Adam

      We’ve asked Warner on numerous occassions but they never respond. As soon as we know we will reveale all right here on Brick Fanatics

      • David Sc

        Thanks for the information Adam.