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LEGO promotion coming to The Daily Mail 


UK LEGO fans it looks like the free polybags newspaper deal is not dead. We know that LEGO terminated their partnership with The Sun earlier this year however I was first informed last week about a new link up with the Daily Mail. I now have details to give you an idea of what to expect. My source has been 100% correct in the past (remember the last LEGO newspaper promotion), so have no reason to doubt this news.

The offer will take place on  Saturday June 29rd & Sunday June 30th ONLY. You get a free LEGO polybag when you purchase the Daily Mail, Saturday it is 30213-1: Gandalf the Grey and Sunday is the 30183-1: Creator Little Car.  No other details as of yet but from what I can gather its free when paper is purchased, so I assume it will be like The Sun promotion.

I suspect due to the fact it is a week on Saturday more information will come out soon.

About the author: Richard

The name is Richard Hayes and I’m a 33 year old from North Sheffield and founder of Brick Fanatics, I’ve been a LEGO fan since my youth but I did have a number of dark years but since coming out of my dark age I have become very active on the LEGO scene. I am also the LEGO Ambassador for the website. I was a founder of Brickshire LUG and in the past been a member of Brickish. By day I work for LEGO as a Digital Planner.

  • Ferg Ferguson

    I could take or leave the car, but the completist in me wants Gandalf! Hopefully it’ll be redeemable at a WH Smiths rather than a Toys R Us or it’s off to ebay for me).

    • Richard

      I reckon it will be a WHSmiths only deal.

  • Mark

    I’d quite like Gandalf as well, the car looks pretty good, but Sunday papers can be expensive.

  • Ferg Ferguson

    Yeah, I find ebay is good for the polybags. By the time I’ve bought the papers, paid the travel fare to and from a Smiths, it’s actually cheaper to buy it from ebay.

  • absolutelylez

    Just got mine, what a fine set !! WHS were totally ready for it, they even put the Daily Mails right at the front of the store and right next to those new polybags that you can buy (as mentioned in the other article).