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London Toy Fair Report 


Barry is at the London Toy Fair today and has just visited the LEGO stand that is there and here is what he has seen so far, this is taken from the bullet points he sent me. Firstly for the LEGO City theme the new Arctic theme will have a blue and orange colour scheme to it and the theme is “secrets of the ice”. Included in the theme will be Huskies, snowshoes, new articulated polar bear.

Also on display was the new white bullet train and new train station, £99.99 similarly styled to the Horizon Express. Station is sold separately, out in 2nd half of the year.

On to Superheros, the theme becoming an evergreen line. Means they’re as integral as Star Wars and City to Lego. Spider-Man in Marvel is the bestselling product line, and Batman for DC. For Marvel they had the  X-Jet: It’s Cyclops in his Astonishing X-Men uniform. Storm in her debut black outfit. Magneto has white slicked back hair. The X-Jet doesn’t look like the classic X-Jet, or the one in the game. Blunt ended and much smaller than the Quinjet. £44.99

3 Guardians of the Galaxy sets. 76021, 76019, 76020. Only licensees could see these. Luckily Disney were on a tour behind us and I caught a glimpse of a brick-built Groot and a giant blue and yellow ship. For DC they’re moving the product range due for release in 2015 to 2016 to coincide with the new Batman/Superman film. And inserting a new range in 2015.

Star Wars I saw set 75052 £69.99 New Dewback in olive green. The Advent Calendar will have an Xmas tree droid and Darth Vader Santa. Imperial shuttle and mini tie fighter. Festive fire with a lightsaber holder and lightsaber on the side. 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer comes with a microfig of the Emperor. 50% increase in price over the original and part count is similar. Less of a technic build inside. £119.99

75053 Ghost ship from Rebels will be £69.99, 75054 AT-AT £109.99 similar size to old one but different leg construction. Snow Speeder comes separately.

TMNT movie sets will be Turtle Van Takedown, Big Rig Snow Getaway, Turtle Lair New figs: Leatherhead, Spiderbytez, Kirby Bat, Karai (movie and show versions). Differently styled Turtles in the movie sets, much darker. Splinter has short legs.

Hero Factory will be subterranean spider theme. Pieced together like the droids and skeletons. Barrel type technic carrier to hold the spiders?Spiders are one-piece rubber part with a shield on the top which you press down and it jumps into the air (to attack). Some pieces look glow in the dark.

Ultra Agents 2nd half, 2014 Spy storyline where the overlord is a clandestine figure. Every box you get a different mission with an online comic. Works with augmented reality to create your own comics. Agents Blaize, Phoenix, Bolt, Burns. Enemies Terror set are:70165 Mission HQ. Optimus Prime-esque. £79.99, 70164 Hurricane Heist £49.99, 70163 Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown £34.99 (green hairpiece), 70160 Riverside Raid £9.99, 70161 Tremor Track Infiltration £17.99, 70162 Inferno Interception £24.99 (Inferno has a fire-based Lego hairpiece)

Collectable minifigures news,  Series 12 is due October 2014. Each comes with a code to unlock something. Simpsons will all be unique minifigs in the series and price points staying at £2.49

Mixels dates are as follows Series 1: March, Series 2: June, Series 3: September £3 each. Show in the UK will air on Cartoon Network as Adam rightly predicted.

Legends of Chima, At the end of the fights against the spiders and the scorpions the continent splits and a piece of chi falls into the chasm and reawakens some of the legendary tribes. Mammoths! Including a big fig, Sabretooth Tigers, Phoenix tribe and Vultures best set was the Giant AT-AT style mammoth set the Phoenix playset that turns into a giant flying bird.

That is it for now, enjoy the news!!!

Update: More from the show

Ninjago the Terminator style theme continues and there is a Dojo set that hasn’t been released. Going to continue the theme into 2015 and beyond.

LotR/Hobbit There will be DLC for the game when the third movie comes out. There will be a Smaug similar-sized to the Castle dragon.The Witch King minifig glows in the dark. The Elrond fig looks like the polybag figure. The bargeman’s son comes in one of the sets (3 buildings, an addon to the Laketown Chase)

Technic Technic digger licensed from Volvo contains power functions. Will be the biggest (Technic) set released this year.

Movie No Sea Cow on display. Construct-o-Mech will be £49.99 and Spaceship £79.99 (Wyldstyle has a space outfit)

That is all except this picture:

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About the author: Barry

Hi there, I'm Barry. Lego has been a constant throughout my life, firstly playing with it as a child, then with a summer job at Legoland Windsor prior to University, and more recently when I've been fortunate enough to work with Bright Bricks on a couple of projects. Classic Space will always be close to my heart, but I have a particular fondness for the Superheroes theme. And collectible minifigs; because there's nothing I like better than standing at a cash register and fondling small foil bags while staring into the middle distance.

  • texasp8

    What news on The Hobbit theme? I’ve read elsewhere that ‘Also announced during the London Toy Fair convention is …. an expansion of the range dedicated to The Hobbit.’

    • Richard

      All we know is what Barry saw, the post has been updated with more news.

    • Devin Reed

      I’m SUPER curious about this as well. A Witchking? Elrond? Does this mean the wave will be a mixed Hobbit/LOTR wave?

      • Ultron

        I don’t think so. I think that just means the witch king is going to be in the battle of dol guldur when the white council attacks it in and him and elrond are going to battle most likely. And the witch king that we’ll be getting will just be a ghostly figure and not him as an actual ringwraith with his cloak and helmet.

        • Barry Donovan

          Yep, a bunch of scenes have been added to the third Hobbit movie to bulk it up.

  • Adam

    Agh 2014 is going to be super awesome. Thanks for the news Barry :)

  • just2good

    Did they show the actual Simpsons CMFs? Which characters did Barry see?

    • Richard

      No with the show you are taken round by a guide who shows certain things and says others. Barry said there was no Simpsons displayed.

      However I reckon we will see them in Germany

      • just2good


  • Simon

    I hope the AT-AT doesn’t disappoint.

    • Barry Donovan

      It pretty much does unless you don’t already have one.. sorry!

  • Ash

    “70165 Mission HQ. Optimus Prime-esque.”

    Sounds like an update of 8635 ( ). Which was designed by Mark Stafford who also designed the Alien Conquest Mobile HQ, my all time favourite set. I like mobile HQs!

    • Barry Donovan

      Yes, it is pretty much exactly like that except the trailer splits down the middle

  • Devin Reed

    Which minifigures does the Cantina include? There’s been endless speculation about what the 3 Squidward stand-in figures are, it’ll be nice to have closure on that.

    • Barry Donovan

      Figrin D’an, Luke, Obi-Wan, a Dewback… some others I can’t remember!

  • CM4Sci

    Can you give more details on the Chima and Agents sets, please?

    • Barry Donovan

      Can you be more specific? What sort of things would you like to know?

      • CM4Sci

        (why would someone dislike my comment)

        I’m curious to know the colors, types of vehicles, and the details of the minifigures for Agents. For Chima, I wanna know what the sets look like.

        If I’m not being anymore specific, I can be more. :P

        • Barry Donovan

          For Agents, the main truck thing is trans-blue and black…

          The huge Chima Mammoth walker set has a load of trans-light blue elements.

          That’s all I remember but I’ll check with the folk who were with me and see if they have better memories. Sorry – we saw such a lot in a very short space of time!

          • CM4Sci

            Haha, it’s ok. Thanks!

    • Barry Donovan

      What sort of things would you like to know? Can you be more specific?

  • Doomluker

    So there won’t be any more DC sets this year? Just the 4 we already got? Also, was there no sign of a Sentinel with the X-Men set?

    • Barry Donovan

      Yes, there was a Sentinel (and Wolverine). The Sentinel (along with the X-Jet) is pretty shoddy imo!

      No more DC announced.

    • Ben Feighery

      hi doomlucker, there was a sentinel with the set, about the same height as the goblin king fig but made up from normal parts.

      for the ultra agents theme, the colors were mostly a dark blue/ black theme, although the hurricane heist was more of an olive green on the “wings” which mounted large sets of tri-spoke rotors which looked like they might ” transform” into some sort of covert quinjet type vehicle.
      hope that helps, also, no ucs putt TLG exclusives get previewed at these events.
      Barry’s minion.

    • Doomluker

      Thanks for the info! Can’t decide if I’m really excited or really disappointed with the X-Men set. I’m really pleased we’re getting a cowled Wolverine because it just looks cooler than the other variant and I like that we’re getting Storm and Cyclops too but it just feels like there should be more? the actual builds themselves don’t sound too great. I would have preferred a £20 Sentinel set with Wolverine and another minifig then a bigger X-Jet set with Storm, Cyclops, Magneto and one or two more mutants.

  • Tim

    Do the Star Wars UCS sets get announced at toy fairs like this? I’m searching for news on what this year’s set(s) will be!

    • Richard

      No they don’t Tim but If I’m correct we will be seeing a Slave 1 and a new Sandcrawler. That is the rumors anyway.

      • Tim

        Thanks for the info :)

  • TheMinifigureStore

    that is a cool pic, also series 12 unlock codes i think will be a huge hit, for the LEGO gamers as the game is looks awesome ;) ;)

  • @chrisdude

    So, you really set eyes on the TMNT movie LEGOs. Was photography allowed? Some box art has come out for the tv show sets, but nothing on the movie sets.

    • Barry Donovan

      No photography allowed, unfortunately. The movie sets and designs look really cool.

      • @chrisdude

        Ah. Had my fingers crossed for a sneak peak at what the movie turtles would look like. (Of course, they wouldn’t want that.) Thanks for the info, though.

  • Jesse Scranton

    Are there anymore details that you can give us on the new Hobbit sets?

  • Oky

    Is Inferno the same Dr. Inferno from the previous Agents theme?

  • Ambrose Howard

    did you see a Bolg minifigure? what were the sets for the hobbit wave 3 apart from the smaug one? Is there a battle of five armies set?

  • Riccardo

    Thanks for the article! I’m just curious about a thing: does Storm come with a tiara hairpiece or is it a normal hairpiece? And what about Cyclops, is he just printed? Thanks in advance!:)

  • Ambrose Howard

    could you give us more detail on The Hobbit/LOTR sets. These are the only sets I am kind of interested in and I would like to know

    P.S is the witch-king the twilight witch-king and did you see a Bolg minifigure? Also what where the sets?

  • Vicki James Nash

    I know the goods train was also on display – any details on this. Colour, design, what goods wagons it had. Any info would be amazing. Its the one I am looking forward to the most.

    • Richard

      The train will blue and yellow and based the cargo trains in the USA. It will have 3 trailers, one container, one from cables and one is a cattle truck with cow.

      • Vicki James Nash

        That’s great info – Many Thanks.

  • ChrisKReyes

    What about Ninjago? what deets can we get for them?

  • Lars

    Can you describe what the green hobbit set looked like? or tell compare it to another set it kindof looks like in structure? was it a mountainside/wall or was it just a bunch of standalone disconnected things?

    • Ben Feighery

      hi Lars, the largest hobbit set may have been labeled up as ” the lonely mountain”, the set was based under the mountain from the last ( what seemed like 2 hours) of the desolation of smaug. it’s construction was quite similar to the mines of moria but with the gold melting and transporting basket at one end and the kings throne complete with a dark blue trans crystal as the archenstone. the set was pretty much 1 long structure with hidden caches of treasure within and behind the structure. I believe smaug will be included in that set but none of the figs were complete and only shown as listed images.

      • Jesse Scranton

        Did you see a Bolg minifigure?

  • (^o^)/

    Thanks for the info :). Is the overlord in the Ultra Agents theme the same character in Ninjago?