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New LEGO Brand Store in Newcastle 

LEGO Store Southampton

More good news for UK folks, it looks like we are getting another brand store in the UK. This time in the north east, it looks like the early news is that it will be at the Metro Centre in Gateshead that is near Newcastle. On the LEGO jobs site they are already advertising for staff, including store manager.

If the time frame for previous stores I reckon we will see this open before Christmas, which is excellent news for folks up north. It is also a go between the store in Scotland and the current furthest north store in Leeds. With this news in mind where in the UK do you think lacks a store and why?

Least it is not a red herring like the news on Southampton Brand Store was.

About the author: Richard

The name is Richard Hayes and I’m a 33 year old from North Sheffield and founder of Brick Fanatics, I’ve been a LEGO fan since my youth but I did have a number of dark years but since coming out of my dark age I have become very active on the LEGO scene. I am also the LEGO Ambassador for the website. I was a founder of Brickshire LUG and in the past been a member of Brickish. By day I work for LEGO as a Digital Planner.

  • Adam

    The East Midlands for sure. Leicester is an ideal spot. Biggest Toy Store has just closed down, Toys R Us is too far out of town. Despite both being massive stores Tesco are reducing focus on non-food products and Asda only give 2 half metre shelves to LEGO. Sainsbury’s are always behind on new ranges. There are 3 big LEGO focused events in Leicester that always draw huge crowds. And whenever WHSmith run the newspaper LEGO Giveaways footfall increases by around 800%. Plus tourism has increased thanks to the discovery of King Richard III remains which will be boosted further when the visitor centre opens. Think that’s a good enough reason 😉

    • TheMinifigureStore

      I agree Adam, The east midlands does need a LEGO store. As i am from Nottingham though i wish i could have a good reason but there is nowhere good enough to host an official store in Nottingham :(

  • Andrew

    I live in newcastle so im delighted. Its a while to drive to Leeds or Glasgow. I think the metrocentre is still one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe so there’s plenty of footfall for them.

  • Andrew

    I live in newcastle so im delighted. Its a while to drive to Leeds or Glasgow. I think the metrocentre is still one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe so there’s plenty of footfall for them

  • Simon

    I’d like to see a store in Reading or Bristol. I live halfway inbetween and both have large shopping centres. Hopefully one day the majority of city centres will get a Lego store.

  • MartinS

    Selfishly, here in Norwich. The east of England remains largely untapped. Constantly voted in the top 10 shopping destinations in the UK. Nearest store is currently Lakeside or MK I think.

  • Tim

    Reading would be perfect – then I could walk to it rather than having to drive to one of the three inside the M25!

  • Richard

    Some interesting replies we seemed to need one in the Midlands but where, I reckon Birmingham is the best option.

  • TheMinifigureStore

    Birmingham would be good for the because of the Bull Ring, absolutely massive and massively busy everytime i have been, Sheffield would still my closest though, didn’t realise how close it actually was!

    • Richard

      It had one in the Bull Ring before.

  • Hev Johnson

    * Metrocentre in Gateshead… it’s fantastic, and Gateshead’s Metrocentre will be a fantastic location- there’s a lot of vacant stores at the moment, it would be great to get a Discovery Centre here too. I was pleased when Leeds opened so I didn’t have to drive over 2 hours, but this has made my year!

    • Richard

      The store location will be Unit 73, Gateshead, NE11 9YG which is the Metro Centre, so yes your correct, but for those not in UK most know where Newcastle is it is only a few miles different 😉