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Next UK LEGO Store in Southampton 

LEGO Store Southampton

LEGO Brand retail continues their march towards total market dominance in the UK with the news that the next UK Store is going to be on the south coast in Southampton. This will 5th new one in the past 18 months and I doubt very much it will be the last one as rumors are that we could be seeing one in the North East and the Midlands before the year is out, although nothing has been confirmed by LEGO.

The first we officially hear of these new stores is when jobs are advertised, you would think it was in brand retails best interest to tell the AFOL community about the new stores but given their recent turn of attitude towards the AFOL community I would not expect them to tell us anything anymore. With that being said the only reason we know of the new store is thanks to Havoscan on the Brickset forum getting told in feedback from his survey that there would be one in Southampton.

This is good news for AFOL’s based down that end of the UK and I bet before long we will have stores in most major cities in the UK. Once we have official word on this and other new stores will we post it to you guys.

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