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Site Issues & Changes 

site repair

Morning, firstly we here at Brick Fanatics would like to apologies for yesterdays, slowness and downtime. We had a major issue which was causing our hosting CPU Usage to be a 100% causing the site to time out or act real slow. It took a while to find the route of the problem but hopefully it is now fixed and everyone can access the site.

While the site was suffering these issues it allowed me time to work on a few minor changes to the site. We have switched to a lime green and gray colour scheme so we match our sister site Brick Badger. Our logo has had an update and the main part of the site is now all one instead of being one main block for content and each sidebar element having their own block as well.

I have removed the login and register links to the site as we have for sometime been using Disqus for our comments, which is a 3rd party software and does not require registration to the site. You simply connect to Disqus by email or your preferred social network and you are good to go. The only people who now need to login are staff members.

We will focus on making the mobile theme work again and be sure that is our next point of call regarding bugs etc.

As always any feedback, good or bad please let us know. Finally I would like to introduce to you our new site icon/mascot, he currently does not have a name but if you have a good idea then post below the one we pick will be sent a 2014 polybag. Thanks to madoyster for the icon


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About the author: Richard

The name is Richard Hayes and I’m a 33 year old from North Sheffield and founder of Brick Fanatics, I’ve been a LEGO fan since my youth but I did have a number of dark years but since coming out of my dark age I have become very active on the LEGO scene. I am also the LEGO Ambassador for the website. I was a founder of Brickshire LUG and in the past been a member of Brickish. By day I work for LEGO as a Digital Planner.

  • Sarah

    I love the new Mascot I think you should call him ‘SNOT’ :) as in Studs Not on Top!!

    • Richard

      Perfect, although the guys still have to accept him hahaha

      • Lucifer_Adams

        I’ve had all day to get used to him. Still waiting….

        • Richard

          He is here to stay, he will grow on you :p

    • TheMinifigureStore

      cool name and explanation but i think Ryan would be cool as he pulls off a grin like that when he’s done something wrong!

  • TheMinifigureStore

    love the new mascot a little more fun than the original brick, shame i can’t think of a name for him

    • Richard

      We have switched back to the colour we had when theme was almost the same as BB. Every site seems to have blue and I want BF to be different. Although always open to change. So if people prefer another colour I can swap it.

      • TheMinifigureStore

        good idea to make it different to keep folk interested and not blend into other sites. I like the Grey on the sides as it makes you focus on the centre content much more and will have a play with inspect element to see if i can find a colour and see what you think ;)

      • TheMinifigureStore

        what about HEX: #66CD00 instead of the green at the mo?

        • Richard

          Cause it is same green as BB

  • Kritch

    I think Sarah has a winner with SNOT, especially given his colour. All I could come up with is Bricktor, it’s a bit like Victor, but not.