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850702: Classic Picture Frame Review

I’ts a quiet start to March news wise. So I’m going to catch up on a few reviews. The first set I’m going to review is one I got ...Full Article

Live Stream: CEO presents the Annual Result 2013

A quick post for you out there that take a keen interest in how LEGO are doing. Tomorrow Thursday February 27th from 10.30 AM CET, the LEGO Group will release ...Full Article

Award #24: LEGO scandal of the year

So it’s Xmas eve and we decided to finish our award season off with a big of a light hearted look at the LEGO scandals of 2013. You think ...Full Article

Award #23: Best LEGO Promotion

Out 2nd to last award of 2013, for this award I asked the panel to pick their best LEGO promotion. This is a bit like the shopping deal but ...Full Article

Award #22: Best Investment

Today we look at what has been the best investment in the past 12 months. This is for all thoughts resellers out there. While some on panel don’t buy ...Full Article

Award #21: Best LEGO marketing campaign

Our next award looks at the best marketing campaign of the past 12 months. We have a winner here but it was close. The obvious choice would have been ...Full Article

Award #20: Shopping deal of the year

To round of the awards we decided to pick some different ones and today I asked the panel to pick their shopping deal of year, this could be any ...Full Article

Award #19: Worst minifigure of the year

After the worst theme and set, the last of our bad awards is for the minifigure. At moment LEGO seems to be in a golden era when it comes ...Full Article

Award #18: Worst set of the year

So which set gets the title of the worst set of 2013. It is a hard one to pick as what makes a set bad is in the eyes ...Full Article

Award #16: Biggest let down of the year

The next few awards looks at the negative side, so these are our very own raspberry awards. Each year we get excited but what sets are coming out and ...Full Article

Award #15: Surprise package of the year

Today’s award is a little bit different and I asked the judges to pick something that really shocked them. Maybe a set that they expected to worse then it ...Full Article

Award #14: IP theme of the year

So following on from yesterdays LEGO theme of the year, we now are going to announced the IP theme of the year, this is any theme that has a ...Full Article

Award #13: Original theme of the year

Now for the original theme of the year, this was won by the Monster Fighter theme and while we would love to see another year from them it wasn’t ...Full Article

Award #12: LEGO book of the year

The book of the year was won by the LEGO Adventure book last year and the author is another strong candidate for the award for the second year running ...Full Article

Award #11: LEGO game of the year

Today it is time for the LEGO video game of the year. This year so the release of the LEGO City Undercover game, a LEGO Friends game, The YODA ...Full Article

Award #10: MOC of the year

Today we move on to something a little bit different, the MOC of the year. This is an important award as they are so many awesome builders out there ...Full Article

Award #9: Cuusoo project of the year

This was an interesting category as Cuusoo always sparks debate. At moment some folk love it, some see it as killing ideas. One person was that distraught with what ...Full Article

Award #8: Minifigure of the year

So we have gotten the sets out of the way but want about the minifigure. For most these little characters make the sets that much more desirable and the ...Full Article

Award #7: Overall set of the year

Last year the Monster Fighter Haunted House ran away with the top prize of the set of the year and it had to be something special this year to ...Full Article

Award #6: £100 or more set of the year

This is the range mainly filled with the exclusive range sets and some extra awesome large sets such as the fab LEGO Technic Mobile Crane MK II. This is ...Full Article
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